Defense Trial Lawyer of the Year/Robert M. Kiebala Memorial Award

The Defense Trial Lawyer of the Year Award is named in honor of Robert M. Kiebala. The Robert M. Kiebala Memorial Award is granted to the attorney who best exemplifies the Association’s mission of “promoting the highest standard of trial conduct through member education and advocating the defense position in civil cases with the judiciary and where appropriate in the New York State legislature.”

Past Recipients:

2019: Vicky-Marie J. Brunette
2018: Thomas Drury
2017: Gerard E. O’Connor
2016: Neil Goldberg
2015: Kathleen Sweet
2014: Dennis McCoy
2013: George Collins
2012: Mary Wydysh
2011: William Nitterauer
2010: David Brock
2009: Jim Burgio
2008: Paul Jones
2007: Harry Mooney
2006: Diane Bosse
2005: Don Eppers
2004: William Reynolds
2003: Jim Kieffer
2002: Dick Griffin
2001: Ed Brown
2000: De Cummings
1999: John Cegielski
1998: Joe McCarthy
1997: Coleman Volgenau
1996: John Canale
1995: Sheldon Hurwitz
1994: Dan Roach
1993: George (Mike) Gibson

The Sherwood Award

The DTLA extends a civility award in honor of attorney Neil Sherwood, who passed away in 2012. Sherwood’s commitment to his profession and volunteer work as a fireman made him a model among his fellow defense trial lawyers.

Past Recipients:

2019: Destin Santacrose
2018: Julie Apter
2017: Gregory T. Miller (posthumously)
2016: David M. Stillwell
2015: Michael F. Chelus
2014: Dennis Glascott
2013: William Kita
2012: Paul Richardson